Active Membership

Are you a musician interested in joining a classical orchestra and would you like to play symphonic music? We rehears every monday at 19:45 in the auditorium of the KV Business School at Escher-Wyss Platz in Zurich. Everybody is welcome to join the orchestra. Employment in a commercial field is not a requirement. You are invited to come to a rehearsal without obligation in order to get to know us. We are looking forward to playing together with you. If you are afraid you do not understand German as well as you play your instrument, join us anyway. We will find a solution. Please contact us with the web form below.

Please calculate 6 plus 3.

Passive Membership

Do you already know the orchestra? You may guess about the financial efforts to run such an orchestra, e.g. for

  • Sheet music
  • Advertisements
  • Rents
  • professional musicians in particular soloists

To some extend the costs are covered by sponsorships, fees of the active members and by collections at the concerts.
 However, the payments of passive members are in particulare important. Stemming from sympathizers they are certain and predictible income.

Here we would like to thank our numerous passive members for their large subsidies over many years.

If you would like to become Passivmitglied or Gönnermitglied please contact us via the web form above. We need the following data:
  • Surname, given name
  • Address, e-mail

The member fees per year are 30.- (Gönnermitglieder: starting from 100.-).

Thank you very much